Michelle – Head of Finance

Michelle has been working with PEEK since July 2012, she previously worked for a recruitment company as a Senior Consultant and has experience in Business Administration and Finance and Sales. She decided she wanted to try something new so, made the decision to leave after 12 years and took up a post within PEEK, which she says, “Is the best decision she ever made, having grown up in the East End of Glasgow she wished PEEK was in her life as a child”. Michelle is now our Head of Finance having had a few roles within the organization over the past 10 years.

Michelle provides a comprehensive and efficient financial function to enable the organization to run efficiently and effectively. Michelle also co-ordinate’s, plan and organizes PEEK’s fundraising events in conjunction with the Fundraising Group.

Favourite game? The floor is lava with my children
Favourite food? Paella
Superpower? Invisibility

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