We provide 1-1 support for families experiencing a crisis, particularly around health and wellbeing. We provide group-based activities for families to come together and develop relationships with others through cooking workshops and family holiday provision.


PEEK-A-CHEW is a community-funded food truck that is on a mission to bring healthy food to children, young people and families across Glasgow. PEEK-A-CHEW attends our community-based sessions to provide the fuel for children and young people to have the most fun while they Play, Create and Thrive.

The impact of food poverty and the cost of living crisis has made the need for PEEK-A-CHEW even more important. With every ingredient box, we send out we attach recipe cards which aim to inspire and empower others to cook healthy with simple ingredients. These recipe cards can be found on our Instagram Highlights section, or they are available on request.

PEEKaboo Play Café

A weekly group for children from the pregnancy stage to 5 years and their parents, grandparents or any other caregiver. Come along and have a delicious lunch and take part in fun and creative activities. We also have tailored sessions designed to support children with additional support needs.


To find out more information about local benefits/payments and other support services, check out our news section which is updated regularly. For direct support please contact Hannah, our Family Support Coordinator at hannah@peekproject.co.uk

For more information about our Wellbeing Programme, please email – info@peekproject.co.uk

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