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A Journey to Excellence with PEEK

PEEK is able to deliver a range of play and creative opportunities which can meet the needs of children and young people whilst developing them as learners and improving their lives. At the same time we can also work with staff through volunteering and training opportunities to develop their capacity in providing a range of positive play and creative experiences. All of our services are designed to the needs of children, young people, school staff and young leaders. PEEK holds the relevant Public Liability Insurance, the ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System registration for the delivery of education and learning support services for children and young people and all staff are PVG checked.

Staff and Volunteer Training

PEEK delivers a practical training course tailored to school staff or pupil leaders. Training will provide individuals with skills, ideas and experience in leading play and creative activities in curricular, extra curricular and playground time.

Active Play

Aims to develop the physical literacy of children through play in a community and school setting. Physical games and activities help the development of fundamental movement skills and build a strong foundation for future participation in physical activity along with the associated mental, physical and social benefits – Active Play Launch

Arts Award

A nationally recognised qualification which supports young people to develop into artist’s and art leaders. PEEK encourages children to gain their Award through creative, technical and supportive roles.

PLAY Sessions

PEEK can deliver before and after curricular time. Through, breakfast club support, playtime and lunch time support. During these play sessions, Play Rangers support learner led play activities which encourage greater levels of creative and physical activity and positive interaction with peers.

PEEK and Dalmarnock Primary School Breakfast Club – Dalmarnock Breakfast Club


Creatively explores emotional health and well-being and was initially developed in partnership with the NHS local health Improvement Team. Young people develop a performance or artwork in response to their learning to promote positive mental health. They share their work at an event which they will organise and lead – whilst gaining accreditation through an Arts Award.


This award winning project was designed by young people. Groups develop their own artistic project to engage their peers in positive discussion exploring gender stereotyping, body image and sexualisation in the media. Young people will be encouraged and supported to gain accreditation through an Arts Award.

Emerging Leaders

Is an innovative and exciting project which works with young people to develop leadership skills, build confidence and prepare for a world beyond school whilst gaining accredited awards such as the Dynamic Youth Award or Youth Achievement Award. Over a 10-12 week period, pupils will work with PEEK through a variety of workshops which are entirely flexible and can be tailored to meet the needs of each school and group.

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Launch of Scottish Government Pupil Equity Funding- Launch of PEF

“We have worked in partnership with PEEK for many years – working together to improve the life chances of children and young people initially in Glasgow’s East End but that great work is being extended across the city for all to benefit. By joining forces we are witnessing the real impact that PEEK is having on our communities and young people. PEEK offer a wide and varied range of opportunities free to our young people including volunteering, play, creative arts.

I am very proud of the ethos and commitment amongst their staff to developing young people, communities and providing opportunities for all. The research about play having a positive impact on raising attainment is very encouraging and active play will be firmly embedded in Glasgow’s Improvement Challenge over the next few years. “The Glasgow Active Play programme is about early intervention – changing the mind-sets of parents and children early leads to greater physical activity later in life, going outdoors more and leading a healthier life – all through play. Anyone can play! I am passionate about doing all that we can to improve the life chances of each and every one of Glasgow’s children.”  Maureen McKenna, Executive Director of Education, Glasgow City Council

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