Alex is the Chairperson of PEEK and has background in funding and grant making and working with the voluntary sector in Scotland. He has worked closely with the play sector at both strategic and delivery levels. He was involved in the development of the Early Years Framework, National Parenting Strategy and Play Strategy. He is committed to improving the wellbeing and life chances of children and young people including a number of years as a teacher and a member of the Glasgow Hearing system. He volunteers on regular basis and considers volunteering at the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games closing ceremony as one of the best experiences of this life. “I’ve been a supporter of PEEK and its work for a number of years so it felt like a natural progression to join the Board. I’ve seen up close the difference they make to children and young people. PEEK brings fun and joy to families and communities across Glasgow. We turn caterpillars into butterflies. I’m proud and privileged to be a member of the PEEK family.”

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