PEEK introduces Carers Leave and Neonatal Care Policies Prioritising Employee Wellbeing!

by PEEK Project 4th April 2024

PEEK is dedicated to being a supportive employer and is committed to promoting good employment practices. We are keen to support our team members in achieving a work-life balance whenever possible. This commitment is reflected in our aim to be an inclusive employer that embodies excellence within our organisation while supporting our employees to excel as well.

Beginning in April 2024, PEEK will introduce two new leave policies, Carers Leave and Neonatal Care Leave. These leave arrangements have been designed to offer assistance and support to core staff members during domestic crises that require a compassionate response.

Our Chairperson Alex said On behalf of the PEEK Board, I’m delighted to introduce 2 new leave policies, Carers Leave and Neonatal Care Leave. Both reflect a commitment to the ongoing well-being of the team. In terms of crisis and challenge, we want to be there for our people and give them the support they need and deserve. These new policies will provide the team with some relief and comfort during stressful and challenging times”.

Carers Leave:

Starting April 2024, a new Carer’s Leave entitlement will be implemented by law.

This legislation allows employees in Scotland to take up to a week of unpaid leave annually to care for individuals who depend on them due to illness, injury, disability, or age-related care needs.

Many individuals provide unpaid care for their loved ones while managing their jobs. PEEK seeks to acknowledge the responsibilities of our team members who have additional caregiving duties at home or within their families.

Acknowledging that caregiving can be both fulfilling and challenging, PEEK understands that team members in such roles may experience difficulties such as sleep disturbances, memory issues, and mental fatigue. Therefore, PEEK aims to provide flexible working arrangements whenever possible.

From April, team members with over two years of service can take a paid week off  to care for a family member or household resident. Employees with more than two years of service are entitled to Company Enhanced Carer’s Leave pay, while those with under two years of service can take this leave as unpaid.

Employers are not obligated to pay their employees during carer’s leave as the legal entitlement is unpaid. However, we understand that these are challenging times for our employees, and providing paid time off to assist their loved ones is the right thing to do.

Neonatal Care Leave:

Thousands of parents with babies needing specialised care after birth will now have the option of taking extra paid time off work set by new government legislation from 6th April 2024.

PEEK understands that some babies are born prematurely or with health issues that require hospital stays after birth. Babies may remain in neonatal care for varying lengths of time, ranging from days to months, depending on their unique circumstances.

Acknowledging that a baby’s time in a neonatal unit can be a challenging period for new parents, our new Neonatal Care Leave policy is intended to provide support to our team during this challenging time. It complements our existing Company Enhanced Maternity, Paternity, Adoption leave, and other leave policies.

Team members with less than 2 years’ service can now extend their maternity or paternity leave by up to 12 weeks if their newborn requires neonatal care in the hospital, paid at the statutory rate.

For team members with more than 2 years’ service, our Company Enhanced Neonatal Carer Leave is an additional paid benefit on top of any existing maternity, paternity, or adoption leave entitlements at full pay for up to 4 working weeks and then 8 working weeks paid at the statutory rate.

PEEK will consistently keep track of new government legislation and implement employee benefits promptly. These policies are designed to provide support for our employees, ensuring they feel supported and respected.

We believe that by prioritising the well-being of our employees, we can create a thriving workplace where everyone has the opportunity to succeed and grow.

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