My Voice Matters, PEEK does Children’s Mental Health Week

by PEEK Project 1st February 2024

It’s #ChildrensMentalHealthWeek and this year’s theme is #MyVoiceMatters.

The My Voice Matters initiative is dedicated to empowering children and young people by providing them with the necessary tools to express themselves. When empowered, children experience a positive impact on their wellbeing. Children who feel heard and can make a difference have higher self-esteem and a greater sense of community.

At PEEK, we strive to help children develop into healthy young adults by encouraging them to make independent choices and decisions that benefit their life experiences. Our sessions are child-led, providing them the opportunity to take charge and make informed decisions.

Aligned with our mission is the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC), specifically Article 12, emphasizing the importance of respecting children’s views. PEEK not only embraces this principle but holds it close to our core beliefs. In fact, the UNCRC (Incorporation) (Scotland) Bill, introduced to the Scottish Parliament in 2020, was unanimously passed on March 16, 2021. A landmark moment, indeed.

Fast forward to January 16, 2024, the day the bill received Royal Assent, marking a significant step towards integrating UNCRC into the Scottish legal system. Come July 16, 2024, it is expected to come into full effect, creating a new era of recognition and consideration for the voices of children.

Here are some ways you can integrate this approach into your practice:

👂 1. Check-In and Listen: Take a moment to connect with your child, inquire about their feelings, and listen with genuine attentiveness.

💡 2. Ask for Their Input: Involve children in decisions that impact them. Ask for their input, ideas, and thoughts – making them active participants in the choices that affect their lives.

3. Empower Them to Lead: Give them the reins to make decisions that empower them. Allowing them to take the lead and responsibility creating independence.

Together, we can help children feel heard and valued, and champion a sense of community that supports their wellbeing.

Read more on the UNCRC Summary here.

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