7116 meals delivered to children and families during the Spring Break

by Michelle McDonald 25th April 2023

During the Spring Break, PEEK teamed up with Glasgow City Council and Meals and More to provide healthy nutritious meals and snacks to families and children throughout Glasgow. The Holiday Food Programme – #HoFoP is a crucial support for families, providing them with meals during the school holidays while schools are closed and free school meals are not available. The programme aims to ensure no child goes hungry during the school breaks.

In just 8 days, our team delivered 7116 meals.

With this, our team delivered 73 Play, Create, Thrive and Wellbeing sessions alongside 9 outings for children and young people.

Some of the activities included Street Play, Arts in the Park and trips to the Theatre, Dinner, Football Pool and The Zoo. Experiencing these different activities is crucial for children as it provides them with a variety of opportunities to learn, grow, develop new skills and make new friends. 

These trips couldn’t have taken place without support from Clyde Cash for Kids.

During one of our trips, we visited the Gallery of Modern Art Glasgow where we searched for female artists, sketched, and took photos of things that inspired us. One of the young people with us said, “This isn’t art. These are photos. Wait, photography is art? I guess that makes me an artist then.” It was a wonderful moment of awareness and empowerment.

Another parent shared, “Whenever we see people wearing red jumpers, we feel like we’re part of a big family.”

In addition, our young volunteers devoted a total of 174 hours to supporting PEEK’s Holiday Programme. Everyone at #TEAMPEEK couldn’t be prouder of them and their hard work. Steph, our Youth Development Coordinator said, “Three volunteers went to Calton Street Play, set up a game they had learned from their volunteer training and got all the kids involved. I’m very proud of them”.

We would like to extend our thanks to our partners Amore, Soul Food Sisters, The Fresh Fruit and Veg Shop, and Cafe Tropicali for their help in making this possible.

Also, to our funders Morgan StanleyThe National Lottery Community Fund and Inspiring Scotland.

This year’s Spring Break was a huge success for PEEK, with the highest number of sessions PEEK has ever completed. It was an incredible opportunity for children, young people, and families to participate in #PEEKPlay and #PEEKCreate, all at no cost thanks to support from our funders and supporters

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