Links to support services regarding (COVID-19)

by Michelle McDonald 25th March 2020

Hello PEEK families!

We realise that the current situation regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19) is a concern for most if not all of you at this time. The uncertainty it creates for the future and it’s potential impact on our daily lives is a source of anxiety and fear and going forward aspects of regular daily living may change for us all.

The health and welfare of our communities and the families within them are our top priority and we want to ensure you are aware of the current evidence-based guidelines to protect yourself, your friends, family and members of the community. We have included information on the virus and steps you can take to protect yourself. Information provided is from trusted evidenced based sources including NHS, World Health Organisation, UNICEF and the UK Government.

We also recognise that the virus and interventions used to halt it will have a potential wider impact on other aspects of daily living including;
• Physical and mental health
• Housing
• Finances
• Education
• Resources (food, hygiene products etc)

In order to try and alleviate its potential negative impact on these areas of everyday life we have included a list of support services including websites and helplines. Over the next few weeks these services may also be impacted however, we will aim to provide updates on all social media regarding this.

We have also reached out to financial support services including Glasgow Advice and Information Network and Money Matters. We have been asked to advise you that if you have a pre-payment meter and are unable to top up due to the impact of Coronavirus and measures to prevent the spread please contact your supplier directly and they should make every effort to support you to resolve this.

Another option may be to have a professional who supports you apply for emergency utility credit vouchers on your behalf via the MoneyMatters website

Please view the uploaded pictures for more details on the grant and financial advice and support services. If possible please contact your local Citizens Advice Bureau or one of the other financial services listed prior to seeking out any grants to ensure you are aware of the most up to date information regarding your rights and the support available at this time.

Please view attached photos for more details on grant and financial advice and support services.

Please take care during this time and know that you are not alone, if you have any questions or concerns in relation to this post and it’s contents please contact us on 0141 554 3068 or email and we will aim to respond as soon as possible.

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