Playbourhood Coordinator

Tony Stubbs

Tony began his PEEK journey in 2013 as a college placement student. In 2014, Tony joined the PEEK sessional staff team and supported the delivery of street play sessions. In 2014, Tony took a sabbatical from PEEK and worked in a summer camp in New York. In 2015, Tony became a Play Ranger and now delivers play sessions in 27 communities across the East and North of Glasgow. As of 2019 Tony has now became one of our two Playbourhood Coordinators. Tony’s educational background is in Community Education and Community Learning and Development. Tony’s passion is Play, Football, Travelling and Dancing and making people smile.

Favourite game? Disco Tig
Favourtie food? Chicken Parmo
Superpower? Teleportation
Twitter? TonyStubbs_PEEK
Email? [email protected]

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