Communications and Engagement Officer

Monica McDougall

Monica first started with PEEK during her 4th year of University to take on her internship. Now graduated with a BA Hons in Society, Politics and Policy, Monica works as our Communications and Engagement Officer. During her time at PEEK, Monica has had various roles allowing her to work across all programmes and with all staff. Monica is passionate about making a positive contribution to society and advocating for the rights of children, young people and families.

After graduating university Monica realized her passion for all things creative media and communications. One of Monica’s biggest professional achievements is writing and campaigning for the Glasgow Evening Times Community Champion – Team Award. Monica is head of social media at PEEK and if you’ve ever spoke to someone from one of our social media channels, it’s probably been her.

Favourite game? Chess
Favourite food? Pad Thai
Superpower? Time Travel
Twitter? @PEEK_project_ Monica tweets everything from our main account
Email? [email protected]

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