Community Chef

Derek Park

Derek was first brought into PEEK early 2020 as a Community Chef with a focus on helping grow the food and nutrition side of things within PEEK. Very quickly everyone’s “normal” day to day changed drastically due to Covid-19. Derek played a key role focusing on food and distribution within vulnerable communities across Glasgow.

Derek has been a chef in numerous restaurants across Glasgow starting out in 2013. Instead of going to culinary college he learned everything from his peers, always asking questions and learning from his mistakes. His passion for food stems from growing up helping with the cooking in the house at a young age and being aloud to add his own flavours to dishes. This has taught him to appreciate how much fun cooking can be and how cooking from scratch is incredibly beneficial for your lifestyle and your health.

Derek believes that cooking on any level is so important and can help with confidence, mental and physical health, which is why he believes everyone deserves the chance to learn about cooking and nurture themselves.

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