Active Play Ranger

Brian Innes

Brian Joined PEEK in 2017 as a Sessional Staff Member then quickly progressed to Active Play Ranger. Being an Active Play Ranger entails working in schools and community settings to increase physical activity levels and physical literacy skills. Brian has a background in working with children and adults with ASN and disabilities and has completed his Makaton Training. He can’t wait to start using his skills at sessions so everyone no matter the need can be involved in PEEK sessions making them inclusive to all. Brian has many different interests but most importantly he wants to make a difference, if that’s in one kids life or one thousand kids lives. Brian will continue doing what he loves and will continue to progress in PEEK.

Favourite Game? Zombie Tig
Favourite Food? Any Pasta
Superpower? To be able to fly
Twitter? @PEEKBrianInnes
Email? [email protected]

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