Community Food Coordinator

Anna Wiltshire

Anna joined PEEK as a sessional chef in the PEEKACHEW food truck before joining the team full time as the Community Food Coordinator. Before this, Anna worked in marketing where she spent time supporting local community groups as part of her role as well as volunteering as a young person mentor outside of work. During this time, she became increasingly drawn to the idea of working in the community food sector and returned to college to study cookery so that she was better equipped to engage young people and their families in cooking low cost, healthy meals that are delicious as well as kinder to the planet. Now, Anna is more excited than ever at having the opportunity to use food as a tool to help create more resilient and empowered communities in Glasgow.

Favourite game? Rounders
Favourite food? Tacos
Superpower? To stop time, like Benard’s Watch
Twitter? AnnaPEEK12
Email? [email protected]

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