Youth Worker

Aaron Sloan

Aaron is a Youth Worker at PEEK, his job role consists of working with young people all over Glasgow, creating opportunities and fulfilling the needs of the community. This entails working with young people to help them make positive and informed decisions and support them to work towards different goals and learn new skills, but most importantly to have fun! Aaron’s professional interests include youth development and the use of streetwork to engage with young people. Aaron’s achievements are becoming a PEEK Youth Worker, working towards his Honours Degree in Community Development and working within a field of work which is close to his heart. Aaron’s future hopes are to enhance the opportunities for young people within the area, build and maintain positive relationships with the youth and graduate university in summer 2022.

Favourite Game? Darts
Favourite food? Spaghetti Bolognaise
Superpower? Positivity
Twitter? @AaronS_PEEK
Email Address? [email protected]

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