Youth Active Play Coordinator

Steven Mann

Steven began his PEEK journey in 2013, working alongside the PEEK Play team as a freelance sports coach to support the development of the Active Play pilot project. In 2014, he took a sabbatical from the project to work in America to deliver sports programmes to children and adults with disabilities. In 2015, he joined the PEEK team as an Active Programme worker, his current role at PEEK is the co-ordination and development of the Youth Programme. This covers a wide range of programme such as holiday provision, evening sessions, school session to support the transition from primary school, mentoring programmes and delivering training. Steven’s educational background is in Sports Coaching, he is also involved in the YoYP2018, as a Communic 18 Theme Leader, making key decisions all over Scotland for children and young people, as well as an Active Mentor for Active East, Steven won SSF – Active Mentor of the Year in 2016.  Steven was a former pupil of The Glasgow School of Sport and a member of The Scottish Badminton National squad, he is also a badminton tutor. Steven is currently at Open University to finish of his BSc Honours in Sport, Fitness and Coaching. His passion is in Travelling and Community Sports development.

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