Chief Executive

Melodie Crumlin

Melodie grew up surrounded by many positive people in her life through play and the creative arts in a community that didn’t get good press. She always knew she wanted to change that perspective, as well as giving children and young people the experiences that she had. When she graduated with a degree in community arts back in 1999 she secured employment as South Lanarkshire’s Senior Play Worker co-ordinating their rural play teams and supporting locally based parent run playschemes. Developing, leading and believing in people where key to this which has continued to underpin her practise.

So, in 2000 she began working in Glasgow’s East End alongside local youngsters, church and community members to establish programmes of activities around their needs and wants. PEEK was born and throughout this time Melodie has worked with hundreds of youngsters encouraging play and creativity whilst developing young leaders. In 2013 Melodie was crowned The Herald Society’s Unsung Hero. More recently Melodie has worked closely with Inspiring Scotland to develop and deliver a pilot programme called Active Play. She has presented to Scottish Government on many occasions and has contributed to developing the Go Play Evaluation Framework.

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